Moonstone, Zebra Tumbled Stones

Moonstone, Zebra Tumbled Stones

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Zebra Moonstone is sometimes referred to as Graphic Feldspar. These stones contain small inclusions of Smoky Quartz that give each stone a striped, zebra-like pattern that’s unique in each specimen.

Since you’re getting both the feldspar and Smoky Quartz, each tumbled stone in this listing gets a double-punch of metaphysical strength. Smoky Quartz is a top choice for grounding and and, much like Prehnite, is a superior stone for practicing organizational skills. It helps one focus and protects the holder from negativity and psychic attacks.

Zebra Moonstone is predominantly associated with the root chakra.

You will receive one stone, which has a size/shape that may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form. Most stones range between 0.6"-1.2"