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For the Sexy, Confident, Stylish Woman 


At fox&toad, I design jewelry for the sexy, confident, stylish woman who is determined to show up for life.  

Over the years you've been taught to make yourself small for the sake of someone else's comfort. Your voice has taken a backseat for someone else's thoughts and feelings to be heard and acknowledged. That time is over.

You've felt the random sparks of a fire long banked. You've even poked it a few times in hope of stoking the flames because that old warmth feels good.
You know you need to stop playing small; to embrace this life in front of you. So rise like a phoenix, and in your rebirth burn all the negativity that has sought to keep you down.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Here's some gasoline and a match. Light that bitch.

A balanced life for the love of nature

Against the odds, you are carefully cultivating a love of yourself and nature, and maintaining balance within your life. You no longer have the time to suffer fools or tolerate those who seem to make it their life mission to tear other people down.  

You know one of the major keys to personal peace is nature. All of those cute succulents and plants littering your house is evidence of that, right (and it also doesn't hurt that they are low maintenance, too!)? Though you appreciate the winter months, you live for the warmth of the sun and the wind blowing through green leaves. Being attuned to the Earth is an involuntary drive that runs down to the depths of your soul.

Because of this, I advocate the importance of nature as a spiritual grounding source. Designs strategically partner a variety of natural gemstones and shapes for traits such as healing and protection for the weary, and wisdom and clarity for the unclear. So with fox&toad, not only are you fashionable, you are helping yourself ward off any bad juju that seeks to crash this peace party that is entirely your woke space. 

Reclaiming my time!

A people-pleaser, I often bent over backward at work and didn't say, "No", often enough. Soon I became known as the person people could come to when they needed something done. I was a go-to that could fill in the holes that were mistakenly left open. Over time I became numb as I came to grips with the lack of respect I was receiving, and out-right ignoring of my contributions. I lost my creativity and sense of self–which I found were one and the same, and suffered a death twice over.

No matter what I did, I would never get approval, so why try? I decided to live life the way I wanted; to stop living for others approval and start living for myself.

And if you found yourself here, you probably have, too. 

But...Why a fox and toad, though?

It's simple: Be as cunning as a fox but as peaceful as a toad. Always grow your mind and make peace with your decisions. And, let's be honest. Foxes and toads are cute!

Now...Ready to keep it foxy, my friends?

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April FitzGerald 
CEO and Designer