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Polished Rocks: The Ultimate Guide to Collecting

Polished Rocks: The Ultimate Guide to Collecting
  Polished rocks are a great way to get into, or enhance your rock-collecting hobby. Whether you’re into the geological or metaphysical qualities ...

Tumbled Stones: What are They and How Can You Use Them?

A photo of Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Stones
    Tumbled Stones are one of the most popular types of specimens for rock collectors or alternative medicine practitioners or students. As we c...

What Are Inclusions?

A photo of a Lithium Quartz Cluster
  People who ask ‘What are inclusions’ typically fall into one of two categories — the gem collector or the diamond shopper. Since we focus on gem...

What is Druzy?

A close-up view of a druzy red (Hematite) Amethyst
Druzy is a popular term used among rockhounds and gem lovers alike — which often leads to the question, what is druzy? Druzy can appear in just abo...

Can You Put Polished Stones in an Aquarium?

Can you put polished stones in an aquarium?

The key to finding the best polished stones for an aquarium is to know the source of your stones — as well as understanding the needs for the critter who will live with those stones.