Petrified Wood Gemstone Chips

Petrified Wood Gemstone Chips

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Petrified Wood is the fossilized remains of various vegetation — typically trees. Petrification takes place when a tree — or tree-like plant — turns to stone during a mineralization process.

During the process, minerals replace the organic materials that make up cell walls . This typically happens underground, when water-saturated sediment or volcanic ash buries wood. This material reduces the oxygen available to the plant and grows bacteria and fungi that starts the decomposition process.

The process can sometimes take millions of years to complete — and Petrified Wood can be found in just about any part of the world.

The Tumbled Stones in the listing feature a mixture of Petrified Wood from Arizona and Madagascar and each has tremendous woody textures and colors.

Looking for larger Petrified Wood Tumbled Stones instead?


You can purchase bulk gemstone chips in multiple quantities. Choose the quantity that matches your needs from the drop-down box. Options include:

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