K2 Tumbled Stones

K2 Tumbled Stones

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K2 Stone is sometimes referred to as K2 Jasper because of its resemblance and similarity to varying Jasper stones. In reality, K2 is a white granite with marvelous inclusions of Azurite that give each stone a unique pattern of blue dots speckled throughout.

This appearance helps give the stone its third common name, Raindrop Azurite.

If you inspect K2 stone closely with a high-powered lens, you’ll typically find small green Malachite stains and splotches. 

This stone originates from the foothills of Mount Godwin Austen, also known as K2. The mountain's 8,611 meter (28,251.31 feet) summit places the peak just behind Mount Everest as the world's tallest mountain.

The mountain sits in the Karakoram Range near the border separating Pakistan and China.

Because this still literally comes from the base of one of the world's most wonderful natural monuments, it's no surprise that this stone grounds one to the earth and supports meditation practice. K2 deepens meditation and promotes relaxation.

You will receive one stone, which has a size/shape that may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form. Most stones range between 0.6"-1.2"