Hemimorphite Tumbled Stones

Hemimorphite Tumbled Stones

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For years, Hemimorphite was associated with Smithsonite — with many geologists assuming that stones were one in the same. During the second half of the 18th century, multiple differences helped unlink the two.

Hemimorphite got its name from the hemimorph development of its crystals. This unusual form, which is typical of only a few minerals, means that the crystals are terminated by dissimilar faces.

The stone is easily identified by its soothing sea-blue color that makes this one of the key calming stones in any crystal first-aid kit.

Hemimorphite is thought to be a stone of empathy and promotes compassion in all interactions. It is also believed to aid in communication of feelings and the regulation of inner emotions.

Practitioners refer to Hemimorphite as a stone for detaching from self-ego and bringing about spiritual growth.

You will receive one stone, which has a size/shape that may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form. Most stones range between 0.6"-1.2"