Calcite, Cobaltian Tumbled Stones

Calcite, Cobaltian Tumbled Stones

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Miners find calcite in just about every part of the world. This ubiquitous mineral makes up a large portion of the earth's crust and acts as one of the largest carbon repositories on the planet.

Calcite is used in construction, in agricultural soil treatments, for pharmaceutical purposes and as pigment.

Cobaltian Calcite is among the rarest forms of Calcite to find in tumbled variety. That’s because the profound pinks that make up this material typically grows in thin layers on host rocks — making it hard (and quite expensive) to find specimens large enough to tumble.

All tumbled stones are priced and sold individually, unless otherwise noted.

Due to the unique qualities in each stone, sizes can vary from 0.75 inches to 1.75 inches per stone.