Brucite Tumbled Stones
Brucite Tumbled Stones

Brucite Tumbled Stones

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Brucite is the mineral form of magnesium hydroxide and is quite rare in this bright, pearly yellow, raw form.

This mineral emits tremendous positive energy in its sunshine-yellow form. Use Brucite to aid in goal setting and decision making and to find the bright side to otherwise dark situations. Brucite also is attributed to help heal broken bones, relieve joint pain and soothe migraine headaches.


*Note* The stones in the listing are the size of a traditional Tumbled stone — though some may exhibit the typical flatness found in raw Brucite specimens.

All tumbled stones are priced and sold individually, unless otherwise noted.

Due to the unique qualities in each stone, sizes can vary from 0.75 inches to 1.75 inches per stone.