Aragonite, Blue Tumbled Stones

Aragonite, Blue Tumbled Stones

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Blue Aragonite is a naturally occurring and beautiful material that is found in different locations throughout the world.

Although you may find Blue Aragonite in Austria, China, Greece, Mexico, Morocco and Pakistan, the texture and depth of blue colors will vary depending on the material's origin location.

A small outcrop found in Pakistan in late 2019 produced some of the most amazing Aragonite blue colors so far. Unfortunately, the best pieces from this patch were quickly mined out, leaving only washed out blues behind.

But fortunately, we were able to acquire several pieces from the original find — which we have in both raw, shaped and tumbled Blue Aragonite form.

This listing is for Blue Aragonite tumbled stone, though you can contact us if you’re interested in other forms of this excellent stone.

Blue Aragonite crystals are a calcium carbonate mineral that is very closely related to Calcite, which is why you can often find it in a variety of colors.

The depth of blues in Pakistani Blue Aragonite are so deep and soothing, that this stress reducing material is often confused for Aquamarine, Larimar and Hemimorphite.

Is Blue Aragonite Natural?

There are dyed versions of Blue Aragonite available on the market, but the earth does create many varying forms of beautiful and natural Blue Aragonite. An example of a very large Pakistani natural Blue Aragonite specimen is pictured to the right.

Raw and Natural Blue Aragonite Specimen from Pakistan

These specimens are some of the material that was used for the tumbled stone available in this listing.

A large majority of the Blue Aragonite we offer comes from the first yield of a large and beautiful outcrop found in Pakistan in late 2019. Unfortunately, these stones have been over-mined, with the material coming from the mines today exhibiting far less vibrant blues.

As a result, this material is growing increasingly rare with this quality and may one day disappear altogether — which only increases its value among collectors and spiritual teachers.

Although not considered a gemstone, you can sometimes find Blue Aragonite used for jewelry and other display items. At fox&toad, we carry a wide array of pendants and polished stone, including spheres, generator towers and other Blue Aragonite items. Please feel free to contact us for availability, prices and pictures.

What is Blue Aragonite Used For?

Blue Aragonite has many healing crystal properties that come from its intense energy and even from its simple aesthetics. The metaphysical properties for this material make it a sought after tool for healers, reiki masters, practitioners and students.

By the nature of its color, Blue Aragonite is a calming stone that reduces emotional stress and helps to ease anger. This excellent stone brings about a feeling of empathy and compassion and increases one’s positive energy field.

Blue Aragonite works with the heart chakra, but is also a tremendous throat chakra stone. Use it during meditation to increase your spiritual vision and open lines of spiritual communication. 

This is the perfect stone for connecting the emotional body to the earth goddess, while lifting your spirit to new levels of inspiration.

Blue Aragonite’s healing properties are also thought to ease one’s path in emotional transitions, whether that be grief, depression or a move out of a relationship. 

Lean on this material to decrease the negative energy around you and help your spirit guides and spiritual teachers steer you toward positive energy, love, compassion and a feeling of happiness and wholeness.

  • Throat chakra stone. Helps overcome fear of speaking.
  • Stone for teachers and presenters. Encourages prosperity of action.
  • Allows you to speak clearly and without anger in difficult situations.
  • Accelerates the intellectual reasoning processes and enhances the ability for rapid response and clear verbalization of meaning. A great crystal healing material.
  • Aids perseverance, inspiration, discipline and light heartedness.
  • Aquamarine encourages the ideal of service to the world and to the development of a humanity attuned to healing.
  • Gives off a gentle and compassionate positive energy, emotion, and spirit that encourages moderation, empathy and responsibility for ones' actions.
  • Inspires tolerance, and helps those overwhelmed by responsibility to find order in life.
  • Protects those traveling by sea; helps ease fear of water.

Interested in Blue Aragonite?

Whether you’re into Blue Aragonite for the geological obscurity of the material or you want to tap into the many healing properties that this perfect stone exhibits, there are many reasons to be drawn to this stone.

Blue Aragonite has long been one of our top-selling materials that people love to add to their collections — and when you see it in person, you’ll know why. The Aragonite blue is unmatched by any other material created by the Earth Goddess.

Contact us if you’re interested in bulk tumbled stone or if you’re wanting to check the availability of polished Blue Aragonite — including spheres, palm stones, pendants, free forms and generator towers.

All tumbled stones are priced and sold individually, unless otherwise noted.

Due to the unique qualities in each stone, sizes can vary from 0.75 inches to 1.75 inches per stone.