Obsidian, Black Tumbled Stones

Obsidian, Black Tumbled Stones

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  • Great healing stone.
  • Known as a protection stone as it shields from negativity.
  • Rids wearer of past resentments as well as anger and fear to help you  feel free, present and calm. 

Obsidian is also referred to as glass agate, royal agate or volcanic glass. That's because the stone forms from quickly cooling lava that essentially gives each stone the properties of very dark glass.

Artifacts containing obsidian, including spear points, arrowheads and cutting tools, date back to prehistoric times. Spiritualists, alchemists and lightworkers in the Stone Age also utilized Black Obsidian due to its powerful energies and ingredients that contain earth, fire and water.

For many centuries, Shamans and crystal gazers have claimed to make contact with the spiritual world with the help of Black Obsidian.

You will receive one stone, which has a size/shape that may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form. Most stones range between 0.6"-1.2"