Apache Tears Tumbled Stones
Apache Tears Tumbled Stones

Apache Tears Tumbled Stones

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 *Please Note* You can use the drop down box on this page to view both raw and tumble-polished Apache Tears

Apache Tears

  • Powerful stones for psychic protection.
  • Helps heal feelings of grief and emotional distress.
  • Also strong for spiritual grounding, and good to use after working with high vibration crystals.

While Apache Tears are a form of Black Obsidian, these stones tend to release an easier vibration than traditional Obsidian. The listing for these Apache Tears contains two forms of the stone — a raw, tumbled-size stone or a highly polished and tumbled version of the raw.

These naturally occurring stones aid in relieving grief and bringing comfort to a difficult situation. Use Apache tears for both protection and grounding to clear out those negative emotions and release the stressors that hold you back.