Agate Tumbled Stones
Agate Tumbled Stones

Agate Tumbled Stones

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  • Encourages composure and maturity.
  • Helps to protect against excessive negativity.
  • Consistent banding can provide soothing energy, harmony and peace.


There are literally dozens of varieties of Agate stones — but all contain the base version of Agate found in these large tumbles.

Agates consist of several materials — including chalcedony, silica and quartz. This material comes in a variety of colors, each of which is represented in these tumbled stones.

Agate is also one of the oldest stones on earth. It was given its name between the 3rd and 4th centuries, B.C. by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus. While many agate specimens grow on pre-existing rocks, agate itself has found many uses when separated from its host — including use as precision pendulums, mortar and pestles and for leather burnishing tools.

But by itself, in the tumbled variety, Agates make tremendous display specimens, pocket stones or grid pieces.


All tumbled stones are priced and sold individually, unless otherwise noted.

Due to the unique qualities in each stone, sizes can vary from 0.75 inches to 1.75 inches per stone.