Chalcedony, Moroccan Tumbled Stones

Chalcedony, Moroccan Tumbled Stones

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Moroccan Chalcedony is often referred to as Witch’s Warts because of its nodular shaping and brown-to-black coloring — much like the warts often featured on fictional witches in movies and cartoons.

Chalcedony is a form of quartz made up of microscopic or submicroscopic crystals. Although they're nearly impossible to see in most specimens, Chalcedony aggregates fibrous quartz crystals that grow parallel to one another.

Some experts refer to chalcedony as a type of microquartz. The material also typically includes a large base of Mogánite — a silica mineral that can make up between 1% and 20% of the entire specimen. As the stone ages, the Mogánite converts to quartz.

Many Chalcedony specimens contain small trace amounts of water or other fluid that becomes trapped during the stone’s major growth stage.