Healer's Gold Tumbled Stones

Healer's Gold Tumbled Stones

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Healer's Gold

  • Emanates a powerful positive energy that activates and harmonizes the body.
  • Excellent aid for healers, drawing high frequency energy into the body and grounding it in the earth plane. 
  • Assists those who are indecisive to make clearer, more confident decisions.
  • Encourages confidence, creativity and manifestation.

Healer's Gold — sometimes referred to as Apache Gold — combines Pyrite and Magnetite. The stones contain a black color with gold flecks and occasional white inclusions.

Healer’s Gold’s frequency connects to all of the physical chakras and emits a powerful, positive energy that activates all of the physical chakras. This allows free-flowing energy and aligns the whole of one’s energy fields, and grounds one’s energy to the magnetic core of the Earth.