Where to Buy A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

If you haven't heard by now, one of the hottest, low maintenance plants on the market is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. This jolly, approachable ficus is gaining in popularity and has invaded the floors, tables and bookshelves across the nation. Admittedly, I now have a lovely pair of my own (and may add more).

For those who fall under its spell, it is love at first sight. With dark-green, waxy leaves shaped like a fiddle and an elegance not seen in many hardwood house plants, this ficus is a calming way to bring nature indoors.

Change my state of mind, love's so hard to find

Where to Buy A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Oddly, this tree was actually pretty hard to find, and took me over a year. A quick Google search pulled up faux potted fiddle leaf tree or high prices. A quick phone call to the local Lowes and Home Depot were also a no-go. They claimed to get them in, but couldn't tell me when they usually do (suspicious). I'd just have to keep checking in. Sounded like they just wanted to get me regularly into their store, to me. So, overall, I thought I was just SOL.

But by Serendipity (I see you, girl!), we discovered the best places for finding a fiddle leaf tree is via private nursery or landscaping company. We randomly found one, albeit at a higher price point at a landscaper in another city. A few weeks later, we found 5-6 baby trees at our local nursery---at a much lower price!

So the best places we have found where to buy a fiddle leaf fig tree are

  1. Landscaping companies
  2. Local nursery
  3. Local agriculture department plant sale

If you have a decent green thumb, a sunny spot in your home, and a need to be near nature, the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree can be a great addition to your space.

Unit next time...Keep it foxy, my friends!


* Image of fiddle leaf fig tree from plantz.com. I am not an affiliate.

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