How was Mother’s Day Started?

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It’s that time of year when we get to celebrate the ones who brought us into this world and cared for us in the most important parts of our lives. Mother’s day is a traditional holiday that hasn’t existed for as long as many others. 

Starting in 1873, the holiday was originally used to bring women together during their struggles for equality under the name, “Mother’s Peace Day”. In 1908, Anna Jarvis created the American version of the holiday, and Mother’s Day began to officially sweep the nation. In only four years, the holiday’s rise in popularity made it a tradition for the majority of states in the US, and was officially put in the books in 1918. However, Jarvis denounced the national sanctioning of Mother’s Day, and fought to remove it from the US calendar as she hated the commercialization of its purpose. 

What do you think of Mother’s Day?

When I think of Mother’s day, I think of all that my mother gave up for me so that I could be the person I am today. I’m grateful that I was able to grow up with such a strong and supportive mother. When you think of Mother’s day what comes to your mind? What do you do to celebrate on this day with your mother? Or maybe you’re a mother yourself spending time with your kids? Whatever it may be, this holiday is a special one, and I hope you all enjoy spending your time with your loved ones. 

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